The seven-day diet for men.

When we talk about diets we do it without differences between the sexes. Healthy food is healthy for men and women, but it can be spinning finer

When we talk about diets we do it without differences between the sexes. And it makes sense. What is healthy for men is healthy for women. But if we’re looking to style the figure, things change. Fat does not accumulate in the same way in both sexes. Men have a greater tendency to accumulate fat above the waist, in the belly (unlike women, who accumulate it in the hips and thighs), something that is not only unsightly, but also dangerous.

Middle-aged men who gain too much weight above the waist are more likely to have heart problems and type 2 diabetes. When should we start worrying? According to British nutritionist Vicki Edgson, at the time when the diameter of our belly is 10 cm larger than our hip. diet for men.

With the seven-day diet you can lose between 2 and 3 kilos and between 5 and 10 centimeters of wingspan around the stomach

There are many things that can cause our abdominal fat to increase: sedentary, the menus of the day, fast food – and its huge amounts of sugar and salt – alcohol and even stress. Edgson proposes, for all those who want to reduce the dimensions of their belly, a diet of 7 days, with which you can lose between 2 and 3 kilos and between 5 and 10 centimeters of wingspan around the stomach.

It is a shock diet, which completely eliminates refined carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol, but is not too calorie restrictive. Edgson says men want to follow a specific diet to reduce abdominal fat, focusing on animal protein consumption, allowing muscle to build while burning fat.

The diet also focuses on eliminating the so-called “bad” cholesterol present in saturated fats, and boosting the consumption of the “good” found in fish, nuts and for men.

The 15 keys to the perfect men’s diet

Although Edgson has designed the seven-day diet with specific foods and rations, he believes that the best diet for men should be designed according to a set of standards, which sums up 15 points, which can be followed in the maintenance diet that follows his acc plan one week.

The seven-day diet for men.
The seven-day diet for men.

1. Say no to bread

And the sandwiches, the cereals, the pizza and the pasta. Edgson claims that removing these carbohydrates from the diet makes us feel more energetic.

2. Say yes to the protein

All animal protein is allowed, because it contains the eight essential amino acids for our body, which we can only obtain through diet. Eggs and shells (which is a good source of vitamins B and D) are also allowed.

3. Eat every four hours

We must avoid being hungry, so as not to fall into temptation. That’s why Edgson recommends eating something every four hours: nuts, cereal bars, legumes… They are foods that contain many minerals, such as magnesium, that wear a lot when we are subjected to stressful situations.

4. Dairy is allowed

Dairy can be consumed in this diet, but only in its natural, never sugary form. Cheese should be consumed in moderation. Ice cream is the only dairy that is not allowed, as they always contain a lot of sugar.

5. Eat fish

All fish are allowed, even daily, but you can only take two servings of seafood a week, as it has a lot of “bad” cholesterol.

6. Choose vegetables that grow on the ground

Vegetables that grow on land have a lower glycemic index than those that grow underground, so they release their energy for a longer period. Potatoes, turnips, beets and carrots are not allowed in the diet. All other vegetables should be taken daily.

7. Eat legumes

Legumes are rich in plant proteins. In addition to beans, chickpeas and lentils Edgson recommends the consumption of quinoa, which can be added to salads or as a side dish.

8. Boost salads

Salads are the perfect meal of this diet, but it is recommended that they go well stocked so that we can take them as a single dish. The nutritionist recommends adding some protein (whether tuna, chicken or turkey), nuts or cheese to salads, to prevent us from being left hungry.

9. Eat apples, not bananas

Fruit is limited in the diet, due to the sugar it contains. Apples, pears and nuts are most recommended. Banana should never be eaten, given its high glycemic index.

10. Never eat in Chinese
Asian food (Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese) is prohibited in this diet, as it usually contains high levels of added sugars, additives and sperantes. Rice is not allowed in any of its forms.

11. Drink water

You should drink at least two litres of water a day, especially in the afternoon, when fatigue causes you to become more dehydrated. If you’re hungry outside of the four meals of the day, drink water: even if it looks like a, a lot of people confuse hunger and thirst. Juices are prohibited as they contain too much sugar. Teas can help you drink more water, but you shouldn’t add sugar to them.

12. Don’t take light products

Many ‘light’ products reduce fat by adding sugar or salt, which is not recommended for this diet. So there’s no doubt, it’s best to avoid them.

13. Choose suitable cooking methods

When it comes to cooking you can make grilled, boiled, toasted, baked and steamed dishes. You must never fry.

14. Don’t drink alcohol

During the seven days of diet you should not drink any alcohol.

15. All sugar is prohibited

Not only should you avoid adding sugar to coffee, honey, juices, jam, soft drinks and all processed foods containing added sugars are also prohibited. If your body asks you for sweet at all costs you have as an alternative cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, vanilla and, of course, all the fruits allowed


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