AfterSchool – Uee’s Tragic Weight Loss Story 2009 – 2018

Uee #AfterSchool Request an idol: This was an older request I lastly bought to and I knew it will be a protracted one however I …



  • Why did I just watch a video about someone I don't know at all for over 40 minutes, although I knew it would make me sad?

    I don't know, but I think I'm a fan of her now. So much hardwork… She's amazing. And she's so pretty too, no matter her body shape. I just hope she can be happy and healthy.
    I also kinda hope she'll stop acting, although if she does so, the netizens would have won. It's just… They don't deserve her hardwork. And I also think she'd be happier without all the pressure.
    I just hope she does what is best for her mental and physical health.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I've seen Uee in a couple of dramas & have always thought that her acting was really good. I had no idea she was a Kpop idol until this video. I especially didn't know she was in AfterSchool, which I didn't even know existed until watching your video on Lizzy from AfterSchool/Orange Caramel. Which ironically enough, this video & Lizzy's videos are the 2 videos that I have gotten so angry & upset that I've wanted to cry & turn the video off. They both didn't get the love & respect that they deserved. I hope things will go well for Both of them now!

  • Still think… Fans in Korea have much more power than what they really deserve… Netizens and haters loves to ruin someone else's life just because their own life is ruined… Hope UEE find a healthy way to have a successful career <3

  • This makes me so sad…. seeing her struggles, she seems beautiful inside and out. She never complained, always doing her best and working hard… it’s so sad what people treating her this way can do to her. I wish there was any way I could make people stop treating a human being like that, but netizens don’t think about the consequences of their actions on real people.

  • I just started her last kdrama, I don't like long kdramas (50 episodes +) but I feel like watching it whole just because of my poor baby, this kdrama looks soooo low budget but she will make it work somehow.

    I feel really bad for her, doing low budget dramas is not bad at all but it's bad because of the reasons she is not doing as well as before

  • She's a beautiful and talented woman, that's why k netizens talk shit about her. Because they don't have the willpower to change themselves, they're full of envy, I hope she'll be able to stop thinking about what people that don't know her say, I hope she'll come to realize she needs to be who she wants in order to be happy!!

  • i never really liked the old MCs on weekly idol, and this only furthers my dislike towards them. forcing someone to eat is not a joke, especially when their body is such a hot topic like uee’s was. she would be tore apart if she ate all that food! what kind of joke ends with someone getting bullied?

  • you did such a good job on this video!! i really don't watch anything that's 30+ min unless it's super interesting but you kept my attention until the end. thanks for working so hard! :>

  • It’s scary how they can do this to someone… she’s a human being!

    Edit: I hope she can find strength within herself to overcome this harassment and take time for herself and to have people she can trust in her life. It really seems like they have it out for her blood.

  • Poor her. She's only known for her TV exposure and image, her face and body but viewers don't even get the chance to get to know her personality. She works crazy hard and lose-gain weight so much while eating so little. I'm afraid she might don't find joy in her life anymore

  • I feel so disgusted with netizens right now….Uee if ever you read this, I wish you all the best because you deserve it. I think we will never trully understand how horrible things have been for you. You are so beautiful, you are so strong, and you never gave up. We can see in your eyes the love and passion for what you do. NETIZENS, shame on you for wasting your time and energy on idols who work their arse off to share their passion and joy with you. Don't you ever put yourself in the skin of the idols receiving all the hate and wonder how it feels like? Probably not. In any case, by bullying idols, netizens are trully the people that are "ugly". Thank you for this video, I never heard about Uee before, she is so brave and beautiful like all the other idols out there. They deserve all the love.

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