5 Ways to Combat Overweight and Obesity

Ways to Combat Overweight and Obesity. Some 130 million people, nearly a quarter of the population in America, are overweight and obese, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization.

According to the World Bank, if we do nothing to prevent it, by 2030 the number of obese people could rise to 30% of the population in America.

What sated the obesity epidemic in the world?

And it’s not just an aesthetic issue: every year at least 2.8 million people die from being overweight and obese, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

Health services and the food industry are often blamed for not doing enough to combat this evil.
However, there are a number of tips that you can put into practice yourself to lose weight and improve your health and well-being.

1. Learn to cook

Ultra-processed foods and fast food account for an increasing share of what people eat and drink, with very negative results,” said Enrique Jacoby, PAHO’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisor, in September this year.

The United States is, in fact, among the world’s largest sugar consumers, along with Costa Rica, Mexico Holland and New Zealand.

It seems like an obvious question, but learning to cook can be a very effective way to avoid being overweight.

And when you cook you are aware of the foods and ingredients that you include in your meal.

Learning to cook is the first thing to consider to combat obesity and lose weight,” Tam Fry, spokesman for the UK National Obesity Forum, told the BBC.

And if you can’t cook, it’s at least important to pay attention to the products you buy.

“People don’t read labels and should be more aware of what you buy,” warns Try, who stresses that it’s important to look at things like “the amount of grams of sugar.”

2. Use smaller dishes

Gastronomy has become a fad, as has the way in which “we dress” the table.

Chefs like to show off their culinary creations in great plates, but recent research says we eat almost everything we serve on the plate.

Therefore, if we over-serve, we will also tend to overeat.

An experimental study by Dr. Brian Wansink from Cornell University, USA. The U.S. revealed that reducing the dish size from 30 to 25 centimeters means we consume 22% less calories, as smaller dishes make a normal serving look larger.

However, Wansink also found that if we use smaller dishes – up to 24 centimeters – “we realize the self-deception”.
According to this research, using a plate of about 25 centimeters for a year could allow us to lose up to 8 kilos.

3. Control the exercise you practice

According to experts, keeping track of your own activity can be a good way to control how much exercise you practice.

Dr. Charlotte Jones says that “exercising for 20 minutes a day will impact your health and help you lose weight.”

It doesn’t mean having to go to the gym or pay for classes, just walking makes a difference,” the specialist told the BBC. Jones says it’s also important to “take care of the situation.”

“I track my activity with an app on my phone. There are many free apps that show you the amount of steps you’ve taken and allow you to compare day by day what you’ve done,” he adds.

In case you can’t exercise, simply standing is also beneficial. Ways to Combat Overweight

“People are sitting at work, then in the car and in front of the TV. The metabolic rate reaches the minimum and is not natural,” explains Dr. John Buckley of Chester University.

“Humans are designed to stand and move.”

Ways to Combat Overweight
Ways to Combat Overweight

4. Seek support

Trying to lose weight can be a very lonely experience, which often results in a lack of motivation. Therefore, the advice is not to do it alone.

Rosemary Conley, who has been dieting and exercising for more than 30 years, says that “losing weight without other people’s support is much more difficult.”

“There is no quick fix. It takes time and it’s complicated, so you need to surround yourself with positive people to help you,” he says.

Weight-loss centers and exercise classes are a good way to get started, but another option is to seek help online.

“Internet forums are a place where you can share both fears and advice with other people,” Conley says.

“You can also find someone to walk with, if you don’t want to join a class. There’s a lot of information out there, so it’s about re-educating ourselves.”

5. Don’t “eat for two” during pregnancy

“It’s important to break down the myth that women should eat for two when they’re pregnant,” says Dr. Sally Davies.

Women’s health affects the uterus, which can have long-term consequences for a child’s health, including the risk of type 2 obesity. Ways to Combat Overweight

Rosie Dodds, an adviser to the UK’s National Childbirth Trust (NCT), says women “should adopt a healthier lifestyle before they get pregnant.”

“Find out your body mass index (BMI) to find out what to do before and during pregnancy,” she explains.

“It’s recommended that you increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat and high-fiber foods, but you shouldn’t be too forgiving either.”

The pressure to lose weight quickly after pregnancy can lead to unrealistic expectations, but experts recommend trying to move more.

“Going outside improves your mood, and getting mutual support from other mothers is a great help,” Dodds says.


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