15 weight loss tricks without dieting

Losing weight without dieting. With these fifteen tips, endorsed by an expert nutritionist, you will learn to eat and eat a healthy diet without making too many sacrifices.

Losing weight and loss of weight can be a difficult task, as you have to balance a good diet with a moderate sports practice; but losing weight isn’t just burning calories, it’s learning to eat and a healthy routine. That’s why here are 15 tips for weight loss without dieting.

1. Before bed, two glasses of water.

According to a study by the American Chemical Society, this gesture prevents obesity and increases weight loss.

2. Nap whenever you can

Without proper rest, the body cannot complete its purifying and regenerative processes. Sleeping naps in a healthy diet context and active life would be a great help when losing weight.

3. Sunbathe.

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to overweight and fat buildup in the abdomen area. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, that is, it accumulates in fat and there are studies that show that the action of this vitamin together with calcium stimulate in the adipocyte the use of fat as an energy source. It takes 20 minutes of moderate sun exposure a day.

4. Eat chilli

Chili peppers, on the one hand contain capsaisins, which have a thermogenic effect; on the other hand, they generate a satiety effect.

5. Eat cucumber and grapefruit

Replace orange juice with grapefruit juice: this fruit helps metabolize fats, especially if consumed in fasting. Cucumber, on the other hand, helps control blood sugar levels due to its low glycemic index. Thanks to tartronic acid it inhibits the transformation of carbohydrates to fats.

6. Eat fruit between meals

If you can’t give it up as a dessert, the best options are kiwi and pineapple. Kiwi contains a proteolytic enzyme called actidine that, as with pineapple bromelain, helps break down proteins and promotes digestion.

7. Bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate is hypocaloric but is essential, because of its high zinc content, to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. Never with milk, which is richer in fats and sugars. The ideal time would be in the afternoon as it provides Tryptophan a precursor to Serotonin, the hormone of happiness and satiety. Losing weight without dieting.

15 weight loss tricks without dieting
15 weight loss tricks without dieting

8. Dinner protein

Eating only protein is a good habit, but we have to try to do so accompanied by low glycemic index vegetables. Carbohydrates must be avoided, which automatically transform into clusters of localized adiposity.

9. For dessert, an infusion

Green tea is perfect, because it is a great antioxidant for its high content of catechins and isoflavones and also has a purifying effect. The same goes for dandelion, detoxifying action or milk thistle, which prevents the peroxidation of lipids.

10. Adopts English timetable

Try advancing your meal times by an hour: eating around 1 p.m. and dining at 8 is much healthier, and in the long run, it’s noticeable on the scale.

11. No gas please.

Gas drinks don’t get fat, but they can swell and cause bloating. Escape even the sparkling mineral water.

12. Use the microwave less.

In addition to avoiding pre-cooked foods, it should be noted that subjecting food to high temperatures causes them to lose vitamins and active ingredients.

13. Seasonal products only.

When we find, to give an example, melons in winter, this means that they have been subjected to different technological processes.

14. A ‘snack’

Before bedtime a study says that taking 150 calories in protein form 30 minutes before going to bed, stimulates metabolism and increases muscle mass. It has its logic, gives us a supply of amino acids that can serve to build muscle mass.

15. Healthy snacks.

If you want a snack, it’s best to opt for foods that generate a blow of Serotonin and endorphins so that the mood doesn’t drop. The more “joyful” are celery, broccoli, yogurt, oats, peanuts and spinach. Losing weight without dieting


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