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Unique Rapid Weight Loss Tips- Shed The Pounds And Enjoy All The Way!

Unique Rapid weight loss tips –

Want to lose weight? Well keep your jaw in control. For one it will stop you from chewing too much, and secondly it will stop you from ordering food. One comes across multiple weight loss programs aiming at working out and eating less. Not an article goes by without mentioning the need to eat less, eat healthy and all the other things every person on the planet already knows about. To any logical mind, consuming low calorie food is the key. It is however not enough (as all the typical articles quote); Exercising regularly is another most dragged topic, though despite being stressed on repeatedly hardly anyone pays heed to it. Nevertheless, eating less and working out more are ideas too mainstream to hit. Though definitely integral, they are already being followed by many people out there and frankly, have come quite boring. Cary on with all that but what you need is your diet routine to be spiced up by a few unique rapid weight loss tips. This will give you just the right amount of motivation and keep the things interesting enough to be continued.

1. Give yourself a treat:

Go out and shop till you drop. Buy beautiful dresses in a size or two smaller than what you wear. Once you will reach your place and see yourself in the mirror, the idea of not being able to adorn the prettiest of creations will depress you. Though regarded as a mental ailment, just the right amount of depression fuels motivation and drives the person towards the goal. The notion of being able to wear such beauties should make you work hard enough. Another one of the similar rapid weight loss tips also includes throwing away your entire previous wardrobe, I don’t suggest it though. We can’t have you walking naked with that big belly of yours, now can we?

Buy Dress

2. Get into gardening:

Grow your own fruits and vegetables. Once you sow the seeds, water them routinely you will come to love those plants. When the time for harvesting arrives, you will want to eat your own production; to taste the succulent delights you worked so hard on. Prepare a vegetable platter for yourself at lunch and dinner. Eat lots of reddish and carrots, enjoying the crunchiness. They contain fiber, are enriched with nutrients and yet fill up your stomach without any risk of obesity. You can sauté them in some water, add water-based sauces to the taste and relish the flavor of freshness.

Gardening is hobby

3. Make a mantra for yourself:

One of the most interesting rapid weight loss tips is to keep repeating your goal to yourself. This will keep you going on the diet plans you already follow and remind your body of what it lacks. The trick is to start singing a motivational self-created weight loss song every time your taste buds begin to tickle. Go on with ‘being a beauty, is my duty, don’t envy be sweetie’ and so forth. The more songs you make, the more entertaining your day is. Avoid singing them in public though; people might start to doubt your mental stability!

Make a own mantra

4. Listen to music while doing house chores:

With the ear phone plugged in and your favorite tune playing on the iPod, it is hard not to dance. Every time you plan to wash the dishes or vacuum the rooms, start the song you love the most. Listening to the entire play list might work wonders as it will keep you dancing for quite a long time, especially if you are a music geek. IPod, however, is not an essential commodity. If you are an antique lover feel free to plug in the radio or the gramophone. Keep in mind the using ears isn’t even remotely related to the rapid weight loss tips, you have to show some guts and show your flexibility. Dance around the house; both exercising and enjoying. Try not to get engrossed enough to lose your sense though, you might knock down a few vases or hit your head against the wall!

Listen Music While working

5. Start sniffing around your plate:

Before you eat your food, sniff it. Though it helps in salivating it actually helps the brain in thinking that you are actually eating the food; contrary to the famous misconception that scent of the food makes one hungrier. The most effective foods for this treatment are black pepper and apples. Though apparently insane, this study was actually carried out in Chicago showing that people with the habit to sniff what they eat tend to lose as much as 30 pounds a year. Be warned, all these rapid weight loss tips are not appropriate for public gatherings. Taking in large gulps of air through the nose with face inches away from the meal can make you look rude and stupid!

6. Take a snap of your food whenever you eat:

People into Instagram nevertheless do it already; advertising their meals and stuffing them up with hash tags for the world to search. The purpose behind this particular element of unique rapid weight loss tips, however, is not to inform the strangers out there about your eating habits. Once you take a pic, keep it in a folder on your computer. Pile up all the photos there on a daily basis, giving it a good long look before going to bed every night. Looking at large piles of food might scare you into eating less in future, melting down the fat from your body eventually.

7. Go blue-y:

Paint your room blue, switch your carpet and curtains with the new blue ones, sleep on blue bed under the blue bed spread, and look into the mirror with the blue frame. In short, become berserk for this particular color. Change your dining room color to the tones of blue too, with special consideration to the table spread and napkins. According to a study, the blue color suppresses appetite. Being adequately beneficial to help your guests eat less too, this is one of the rapid weight loss tips that will save you from going bankrupt during parties!

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