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Lecithin Weight Loss Reviews

Does Lecithin Weight Loss help?

Obesity has struck the world pretty bad. There are two major reasons for strategic increase in beefy legs all over the world; the first is technology, and the second is fast food. Fast food has a lot of extra calories, it gives you proteins and all the essential nutrients but it lacks the micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is full of all types of lipids, including cholesterol that not only adds to the weighing scales but also piles up in your blood vessels, hardening and blocking them. Technology has directly contributed towards weight gain because kids everywhere have taken to playing playing stations and videogames; actual sports like cricket and soccer have profoundly decreased. Lecithin weight loss has been in practice for quite a long time, though its usefulness is still being argued on many fronts repeatedly. 

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What is Lecithin? How lecithin weight loss works?

Before effectiveness of lecithin weight loss can be determined, one should know what the substance actually is. Lecithin forms the boundary wall of all the living matter. Being an integral constituent of human, plant and animal cells, it maintains the cellular structure and prevents the entry of useless substances inside. Being a part of such a hydrophobic entity, lecithin is lipid in nature. It is a delicate combination of phospholipids, triglycerides and non-esterified fatty acids. Lecithin weight loss therapy makes use of these natural constituents of lecithin, using them to digest fats.

Whatever you eat gets acted upon by enzymes. These enzymes break down the nutrients into absorbable forms; without this act of digestion, nothing that enters your digestive tract will be used by the body. Fats require an additional step; emulsification. The process of emulsification is the physical breakdown of large fatty chunks into small globules. This is important to increase the surface area for enzymatic activity, making it easier for the lipases; fat digesting enzymes to do their work. Lecithin weight loss is all about stimulating fat emulsification. By aiding in fat digestion, lecithin will help in converting this weight-increasing substance into portable packets of energy called ATP. In other words, increased emulsification contributes to increased lipid digestion and utilization. Because most of the fats that you are eating have been used up, little or no is left to be deposited under the skin and fluff you up. Lecithin can be consumed on daily basis but should be taken only in small amounts; the effectiveness and relative toxicity of this organic substance has not been tested at a broader level and nothing accurate has been established so far. Yet, lecithin weight loss reviews have revealed that some of the people with the habit of consuming lecithin regularly did show some drop in weight. Molecular Digestion is not the only level affected, lecithin also has supportive effects on liver metabolism. Liver is the chief factory of the body that determines the stores of all the macronutrients, including fats. By speeding up hepatic metabolism, lecithin causes further increase in fat utilization. According to a study, it even has the property of dissolving some of the stored adipose tissue and emulsifying it. It mixes well with yogurt and milk and a small amount can be sprinkled on the two before meal times.

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Instead of looking for commercially packed lecithin powder, eat what you have at home. At least one lecithin rich food is available in every household at a given time, making lecithin weight loss programs very easy to follow. Examples of lecithin containing foods include eggs, cabbages and soy beans. A modest amount is also present in lentils giving vegetarians a lifelong supply of lecithin. Though the importance of lecithin weight loss plans might not have substantial scientific basis, it has several other proven positive roles. The most important benefit lecithin has to offer is memory oriented. It improves the brain function and stimulates the memory. Lecithin serves as a source of choline in the body; choline is one of the two key components of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter released by the neurons in the brain and at the neuromuscular junctions; it plays an essential role in memory storage and recalling of past information. It can be given in old age as a prophylactic measure and treatment for dementia. Another benefit it has on people in their middle and old ages is that it prevents the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels. Cholesterol is a fat, hence the ways in which lecithin stimulates breakdown and oxidation of fats are applied to cholesterol too. Though lecithin weight loss reviews rarely mention it, with no cholesterol in the blood vessels, the risks caused by atherosclerosis will be nominal and cardiovascular diseases, including the fatal myocardial infarction, will be kept at bay.

How to use it?

If you want to include lecithin in your daily diet, try consulting your doctor first. He will ask your complete medical history and will order the necessary physical examination and investigations. After the results confirm that there will be no added hazard to your health by frequent lecithin use only then will you be allowed to take it. A simplest way to eat lecithin is by adding a pinch of it over whatever you eat. Take it once a day, ideally in breakfast, by a little dissolved in your cereal bowl.

You can also drink it in a fancy way by converting it into a fruit smoothie. The smoothie will be creamy and delicious and can even be given to the children. Lecithin is also a mood elevator and combats depression so this smoothie is perfect for all the long, sad faces out there. Start by dicing a peach and freezing it. Once it is frozen nice and firm, proceed by gathering other ingredients. Take two cups of coconut water in a blender and add to it the frozen chunks. Next add a banana (you might want to cut it in pieces to aid the blades) and a tablespoon of lecithin. Let the blender run until the texture is smooth. Chill to the liking and slurp away!

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