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Juice Diet Recipes For Weight Loss Plan

Drink to Smartness!

Who doesn’t want a convenient road to slimness? Only if it was possible to get a seductive figure overnight by wishing for one, this world would’ve been an easier place to live in. Sadly, weight loss requires commitment and struggle. You have to give up your oldest and favorite habits and stick to new, sometimes tasteless, food. There are several diet plans, however, that are not offensive to the taste buds. Juice diet recipes for weight loss are a delicious way to lose the years of accumulated fat. You no longer need to cry over your fate, the solution is easy and tasty. Spin up the tasty delicacies, drink them regularly for a month and see your body trim before your very eyes. Juice diet recipes for weight loss plan the smartness wisely, working on the fattiest regions of your body, taking it swiftly and healthily. You get daily supplementation of important vitamins and minerals that keep the diseases at bay. All the nutrients also improve the energy reserves of the body and make it look young and fit.

Juice diet recipes for weight loss

Easy Juice diet recipes for weight loss:

With the electric juicers available at economical rates, every household has one. Before starting, wash all the fruits and vegetables properly. This is important to not only remove the dirt and bacteria but also the sprayed insecticides that are detrimental to health even in small doses. Next take a knife and peel the skin. Some of the fruits, like tomatoes and berries, are used with the skin and are chopped and added to the blender as such. Dice all the ingredients and fill up the blender jug. Add half a glass of water to aid the blades and give the mixture a liquid structure. After a smooth texture is obtained, some mint and herbs can be added for flavor. Juice is now ready, however, some of the people might find it difficult to consume due to the fine particles present. Cheese cloth is an optional part of the juice diet recipes for weight loss and strains the product, giving a clearer output. In order to be effective, juice diet recipes for weight loss plan should be augmented by regular workout; this will help the body shed pounds and shape in a more desirable manner.

Juice diet recipes for weight loss

  1. Take parsley and chop it to fill half a cup. Next, do the same with spinach to get three small bowls of spinach leaf. Put the green ingredients into the blender and blend it. Add half a lemon (peeled) through the cover of the blender or squeeze it into the mixture. Lower six tender celery stalks and let them mix completely. For a sweeter and tastier touch add two small pears. Take care to cut the pears into small pieces to ensure easier blending. If carried out in the same proportion, this particular green recipe should provide two servings of the fat shedding potion. Chill to taste and enjoy with a friend.
  2. This particular juice diet recipe for weight loss has a variety of vegetables and might turn the non-veggies down. However, the flavor is rich and is very much tolerable if consumed with a two to three day break in between. The respites can be filled in by fruity low calorie juices to prevent the plan from being fragmented. Start with lettuce and chives (half a cup each) and process them. Next add three moderate sized stalks of celery and wait for the mixture to get a smooth texture. Add carrots and bell pepper. Jalapenos and tomatoes come last and give the mixture a drinkable taste. Pour it in a long glazed cocktail glass, add crushed ice and sprinkle black pepper to savor every sip.
  3. Juice diet recipes for weight loss are convenient not only because they are easy, but because the ingredients used can be purchased from every single supermarket. Next recipe in question includes strawberries as the main ingredient. To the juicer jug add six large strawberries. You can also use blender which is equally effective. Peel a cucumber, cut it into small pieces and add it into the strawberry blend. Take a red apple, chop it down into eights and add the chunks slowly. End by processing two carrots. Chill for three hours or pour into a glass containing four small ice cubes. This should produce three small glasses of juice; two can be stored for a day in refrigerator to be consumed later.
  4. Are you a red lover? The striking magenta color of the drink will allure you to itself. Made up of sweet and fresh blueberries, the taste is heavenly. Take a quarter cup of sliced red cabbage and blend it. Add a cup of fresh blueberries; frozen blueberries might also be used but their taste is not so intense. Add one red apple in the form of chunks followed by crushed ice. A peeled cucumber might also be added for additional benefits; blueberries will mask its scent and most of the flavor too.
  5. If parsley and spinach blend wasn’t enough to satisfy you, here is another one of the green juice diet recipes for weight loss. The key ingredient is green apple whose sour taste makes the mixture delicious. Prepare half a cup of grape fruit; remove the white center. To a processed half cup of spinach, add the grape fruit chunks followed by two sliced green apples. Once a sufficiently well-mixed product is obtained, add two stalks of large celery and three drops of ginger extract; one inch of peeled ginger can also be used but it might not blend in completely. Garnish it with three to four dark chocolate chips (they have fat releasing fibers to stimulate weight loss) and enjoy.
  6. Carrot and orange combo is perhaps the most drunk juice diet recipes for weight loss. It is even used by people not on a diet program to stay fit and healthy. To four carrots add half a glass of orange juice. A tomato and apple each can be added for additional flavor.

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