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Homeopathic Medicine For Weight Loss Name

Homeopathy; a miraculous solution to obesity

The worst a person can get out of modernity is extra pounds of fat embracing the bones and pushing the belly. No one wants to look like an over-sized bull, walking the streets and attracting awkward glances. Obesity is a social stigma that makes a person outcast. Several incidents have been reported where fat people are bullied and insulted only because they have too much weight to show. In order to save yourself from humiliation and a negative psychological impact, weight loss programs should be followed. Quite a many magazines and programs advertise rapid acting products claiming to cut the fat by more than half in not more than two weeks. Needless to say, such advertisements are usually false. Homeopathic medicine for weight loss is being abundantly used and has shown promising results on several fronts.

What is Homeopathy?

A lot of people have heard the term but many don’t know what it really means. Homeopathy, like the classical allopathic medicine, is a means to cure human ailments. The striking difference between the two is that homeopathy works on the principle of ‘like cures like’. Thus, homeopathic medicine is basically a hyper-diluted version of the causative agent of a disease. Before it can be administered to the patient, it has to be mixed in increasingly large quantities of water or alcohol.

Homeopathy medicine for weight loss

Usually an excellent level of dilution is achieved in which ideally little or no substance molecules are left. The effects of overdose, therefore, are more marked with homeopathic creations than the allopathic ones. Extreme caution is recommended during its use and only tested drugs should be consumed. Homeopathic medicine for weight loss is emerging as a useful tool to cut the harmful effects of obesity.

You can buy these Homeopathic medicine for your weight loss:

Why is homeopathic medicine for weight loss needed?

Obesity, without any overstatement, is a disease. It is a chronic state of malnutrition in which the fatty component of the diet exceeds other nutrients. Being fat, therefore, is not synonymous to being well-nourished; usually fat people are severely anemic or have vitamin deficiencies because lipid-rich foods (like pastries and fried chips) is all they consume. If a person is fat, sooner or later all the systems of his body will start showing unfavorable effects. Obesity is one the component of the metabolic syndrome, others being hypertension and diabetes; this confirms the fact that obesity coexists which diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Excess adipose tissue in the body is not merely fat cells; these cells have the ability to secrete fatty acids in the blood and generate hormones. Due to these substances being released from the fat cells, insulin function and cholesterol deposition is affected. Glucose tolerance worsens, postprandial glucose spike cannot be controlled and atherosclerosis starts attacking vessels. All the arteries with atherosclerotic plaques eventually get completed occluded or burst leading to tissue hypoxia.

It is advisable to start using homeopathic medicine for weight loss before irreversible phenomenon starts appearing in the body. They are cheaper than chemical drugs and have more promising effects. It should however be kept in mind that they can be extremely dangerous if misused. Do not consume a large amount of medicine rather increase the dose gradually, also strictly stick to the schedule and all the diet modifications that your doctor suggests. Homeopathic medicine for weight loss should only be taken after a registered medical practitioner analyses your body completely, examines and asks relevant questions the answer to which support the intake program. Never start the plan if you are advised otherwise.

Which medicines are the best?

Homeopathy is an art that takes into consideration every single aspect of your body. Not only do your physical condition matters but so do your habits, temperament issues and personality. Your behavior and dealings will determine the type of homeopathic medicine for weight loss you are entitled to take. Another important criterion of selection is the parts of your body that need trimming; there is a separate medicine for fat legs, another for protruding belly and so forth. Following are some of the safest and most effective homeopathic medicines for weight loss:

1. Ammonium Carbonate: A key problem faced by obese people is the tendency to palpitate. Increased heart beat is what stops many people from exercising for sufficient duration of time. Ammonium Mur is the solution. It is excellent for people who are prone to palpitations. People with cardiovascular diseases and weakened cardiac muscle can take this homeopathic medicine for weight loss and reduce weight rapidly. It is recommended for those on a sedentary lifestyle. Usually given to the aged patients, it also improves the memory and sociability. Women on this drug have also shown improvement and regularity in their menstrual cycle. Prolonged intake might lead to nasal stuffiness and mouth breathing.

Carbonate Homeopathic medicine for weight loss

2. Ammonium Mur: The ideal drug for weight loss in women is perhaps this salt of ammonium. It targets the key regions of the female body with tendency to accumulate fat; buttocks and legs. Men with fatty limbs can also take a leap of faith in it. It is one of the most commonly used homeopathic medicines for weight loss in India because of its natural constituents. It also helps in reducing the infuriation threshold of the patient and can be given for slight degree of mood swings.

3. Aurum Metallicum: Hypertensive patients looking for an effective weight loss solution should thank heavens for this remarkable creation. It is also safe for the people with atherosclerosis. As far as psychological benefits are concerned, Aurum Metallicum is a mood elevator. People with suicidal predisposition and profound low mood attacks have shown remarkable improvement after giving it a try.

Aurum Homeopathic medicine for weight loss

4. Capsicum:  It is a famous homeopathic medicine for weight loss in India because of easy availability and the taste buds adaptation of the people in the area. It is suitable for both extremes of ages including old people and young children. Muscle pains, digestive issues and low vitality are other indications for using capsicum to kill obesity.


  1. Hi. I would like to know what products is ideal for loosing weight and pregnancy.

    Thank you

  2. Tayyab chuhdery

    You are helping the humanity. Wonderful

  3. Very inspiring
    I would like to place the the order

  4. thank u for information

  5. Susanta Kumar Routaray

    My weight is 88 Kilo, I am a severe gastric petient. Sir I want to loss the weight. so help me.

  6. puja choudhary

    I am 36 yrs old.I have diabetes n hypothyroid. I m overweight. Pls recommend a medicine for me

  7. sir, currenly i m taking adven trimure but this was useless, pls suggest me which is works, my tummy is too flubby.

  8. Tajafi akhter

    Hi I have hypothyroid problem over weight with 40 pound and my butt and leg side keep getting big
    Want lose 40 pond help me pls

  9. Hi
    Ii want to reduce weight fastly i have more fat accumakated in my thigh buttock and upper arm can u suggest me the medicine

  10. Sir my problem is i am fat and my night is
    5.fut 9inch.and my wait 75 kg plz greet me

    • Hi Pintu Das,
      I think you are fat for over eat. If you can control yor diet you can and take simple exercise you can loss your weight and also keep your body fit.

  11. I am 20 year old.myweight is 90 kilo.so please help which medicine i should use

    • Hi Riya Mitra,
      Age is not a fact for weight. Taking medicine is not good for you. But if you take simple exercise you can loss your weight easily. Mind that medicine is not perfect for you in this age.

  12. I have diabetes and i want to reduce weight from my uper body cz my legs and arms r thin as comparison to my uper body plz suggest me which medicine is best for me

    • Hi Ritu,
      If you go to a better doctor it will be great for you. Because you need check up your body and suger. After that your doctor can suggest you best medicine and exercise for lossing your weight.

  13. mathili Tripathi

    Hi Roy
    I want to lose my weight 12 kgs…in 3 months…. My weight is 60 kg…. Height 5’2″….i am hypothyroid patient…. Plz suggest me homeopathic medicines for weight loss of 12 kg in 3 months……

    • I don’t know your physical condition perfectly. I don’t know how old are you? For these reason, I can’t suggest you any medicine. I don’t know lossing 12kg in 3 month is possible for you or not. You can practice yoga and made some fat burn recipe. This will help you. If you contact doctor it will be better.
      Thank You

  14. Dear sir
    I am 58 years old
    Had a hysterectomy at 30
    The took me off of hormones 7 years ago and have struggled with butt thigh and stomach I feel my spleen energy low
    Sleep and wake at night about 3 am
    Better after noon
    Thirst for water and salt..
    Will the ammonium cabinate help? What is the homeopathic strength for remedy.. 6c 30c
    Would love to learn from you so enjoy the information.. Do you have books or website contact pages I can follow. Also my father has a posture circumflex artery blockage .. Now 15 years quadruple bypass surgery.. Now it is blocked again in this area. Having trouble with feeling of breathing grasping for air better when out side.. Has high blood pressure, cholesterol . Diabetic and takes insulin and metformine high blood pressure water pills is approx 35 pls over weight at 5feet 3 inches approx 195 lbs age 83 feel circulation low and developing blotchy brown spots as I feel is also a kidney spleen issue.. Can he try the recommendation above noted
    3. Aurum Metallicum: Hypertensive patients looking for an effective weight loss solution 6c.. Help please as I need help urgent and despaired found you by accident and believe I was guided with the grace of God to your sight thank you Nina 905-650-2003 ngianfran@hotmail.com or ninamontanarmt@ gmail.com. Thank you so grateful for your advice and how do I purchase these produces

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