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Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Delicious recipes for weight loss

Losing weight is no less a feat for every fat person out there. You have to modify you routine completely, give up all the amazing foods you love, and run daily for at least an hour. Who would want to do that? Especially when all you get to eat in return are tasteless veggies and boiled chicken? The mere thought will make many of you want to puke. Give a break to yourself, dieting isn’t about murdering your taste buds; healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss have effectively come to your aid. Blend up delicious smoothies, enjoy every gulp to the entirety and get rid of adipose in a delightful manner.

Some healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

Making a smoothie is nothing tough. All you need to do is gather up a few ingredients and blend them together. Next chill the mixture and enjoy it in a crushed cocktail glass. Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss can also serve as quick fancy drinks should friends decide to suddenly crash your place. You can tend to the guests, make them feel welcomed, while all the time sticking to your diet plan.

Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss; succulent enough to make your mouth water:

gone are the days when dieting was simulated with gobbling down tasteless food. Low fat diets can be delicious too, as is evident from the recipes below. It is cost-effective as the major ingredient is skimmed milk or water. Half a cup of low fat yogurt and ice are additional items to enhance the flavor and make it more palatable.

1. Banana and peanuts!

The yummy combination of mashed banana and peanut butter produces a delicious smoothie that is perfect for all times of the day. More commonly, however, due to high energy content of peanut butter it is one of the most popular healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss breakfast. Put half a banana in a blender.

Banana and peanuts

When it smoothens out, add half a cup of low-fat peanut butter. You can make peanut butter at home too by grinding a cup of peeled peanuts in half a cup of butter. After banana and peanut butter get mixed together sufficiently, pour in half a cup of skimmed milk to liquefy it. You may also add a little chocolate whey for flavoring. Though bananas are considered as a high calorie fruit, they work wonders in a smoothie. Moreover, it hardly takes three minutes to prepare!

2. Mocha all the way!

This smoothie is perfect for chocolate lovers. If you are fat and your weight wouldn’t let you go near those cruel delicious bars, here’s the solution. Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss can be altered by adding a small amount of dark chocolate to every one of them. Dark chocolate, fortunately, has fat releasing fibers that actually lower the number of calories stored in the body. Too much of it, however, can be harmful due to sugar and fat content and hence be avoided. Take a cup of low fat yogurt and blend it. It can be plain or flavored. You can add a couple of drops of vanilla essence to it too. When it smoothens out, add a dash of espresso. Next add powdered dark chocolate 3 tablespoons or an equal amount of cocoa powder. Four small ice cubes should be sufficient to chill it just right. Fill up your mug and relish the chocolaty delight. Yum!

3. Watermelon is delicious

Watermelon is extremely watery and in itself serves as a diet food. Eat a bowl of watermelon every day with a cup of black coffee to shed tremendous weight. This, however, is too main stream. Turning this delicacy into a smoothie will keep the diet plan tasty and unique.

Watermelon is delicious

Quite a few healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss revolve around watermelon, one of the most famous one is stated below. Take a bowl of water melon chunks, remove the seeds and blend it. Next add half a cup of flavored low fat yogurt to it. Chill it up pretty well with a dozen ice cubes and slurp it happily.

4. Sweeten up your life with ripe blueberries

Blueberries can be augmented with a couple of raspberries and the mixture is one of the most tasty healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss breakfast. Half a cup of blueberries are frozen till firm. Next put them in a blender and blend till a fine paste is formed.

ripe blueberries

To this paste add a spoonful of apple concentrate and half a mashed banana. This should flavor the smoothie just well enough to pacify the taste buds of every person, no matter what the cuisine inclination is. Before you drink it, pour eight ounces of water and mix well. Flax seed oil and psyllium husks can also be added but they, like a quarter cup of soy protein, are optional ingredients.

5. Are you a berry lover?

Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, you name it; every single one of these is extremely delicious. Mix berry smoothie is perhaps the most sought after smoothie because of its unique taste and tender nature. Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss can be made yummier by adding a few berries to them.

berry lover Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Take half a cup each of blue berries and strawberries and blend them together. Next add half a glass of low fat milk and a dash of soda water. Crush four to five ice cubes to the mixture, put in a decorated straw and drink to your heart’s content. A glass every day for lunch can help lose calories and keep the essential vitamins stacked in the body. Eating a strawberry after every fill can whiten the teeth and improve dental hygiene.

6. Banana with strawberries

Banana with strawberries is too tasty to resist. Take a banana and blend it. To the mixture now add a cup of strawberries. Slice the strawberries to help them get chopped properly. For a little saltiness squeeze in half an orange, de-seed it to avoid the bitter seed extract. For bulk half a cup of low fat yogurt is added followed by a few ice cubes. Try healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss and shed pounds lavishly.


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