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Exercises That Work Like A Bomb For Rapid Weight Loss Tips !

Exercises vs rapid weight loss tips

Exercises that work like a bomb!

Physically active individuals stay forever healthy. Exercise not only cuts down fat from your body but also exposes it to a number of benefits. It lowers the blood cholesterol level; a sticky lipid that makes the food delicious but ends up adhering to the vessel walls. Once adhered, it is impossible to remove, more cholesterol piles up on the new on until the artery is completely blocked and the tissue undergoes ischemic damage. Moreover, regular work out also strengthens the muscles and increases their lactic acid tolerance; a chemical that is produced in extensive muscle activity and results in painful cramps. Exercise is, without doubt, one of the best and rapid weight loss tips out there. Gird up your loins and give it a go.

If you are a starter and don’t know where to begin, read on. Following are a bunch of the tested and reliable rapid weight loss tipsthat should be helpful enough:

1. Step up and down

All you have to do is step up and down on the stepping board with one foot first and then the other. It is one of the easiest exercises that need no learning or stamina building. Do it for an hour at least. Take a five minute gap after half an hour and then continue for the remainder of the session. The areas it targets basically involve the pelvic region with strong effect on buttocks.

Exercises that work like a bomb for rapid weight loss tips 3

This is therefore ideal in the world of today where increased work and school load makes it necessary to sit for long durations of time, giving adipose an excuse to concentrate there. According to a study the number of calories lost during stepping is as much as 800 per hour. Don’t have a stepping board? You can always use your residential stairs as a replacement. Step aerobics slides easily among the rapid weight loss tips and should not be undermined in any way.

2. Walking Timely

We know that Walking helps to reduce weight. Walking is a great aerobic exercise. It works perfectly when you follow the daily routine. Morning and Afternoon is the perfect time to walk. If you continue your walking life regularly then you will notice decreasing weight slowly. It works like magic for losing your weight. As you need to follow the walking routine regularly, you must use suitable clothes and comfortable walking shoes. So that you feel great while walking.

walking is good for health

3. Bicycling is fun

Though iPods and iPads might have taken over the kids of today, people born as late as nineties can still relate to the importance a bicycle had in one’s life. Getting on it every evening and racing with friends around the residential area was one of the delights everyone looked forward to. It toned muscles and improved the metabolism; this is one of the reasons why kids then had better bone mass and muscle strength than those of today. Recreation aside, bicycling can also work as an efficient rapid weight loss tip.

Exercises that work like a bomb for rapid weight loss tips


The regions it concentrates on are mid body region including buttocks and belly. The leg muscles, naturally, suffer the strongest impact and become toned while the abominable fat melts away in no time. It is extremely easy and fun. Going around the neighborhood you can look at your surroundings and marvel in them; even if you lose concentration your muscles are still in motion and hence your body will continue to shed pounds. Depending upon the duration and speed, it lets you burn as much 1000 calories per hour! Now that is what one calls a bomb!

4. Swim through the summer

Who doesn’t want to swim in summers? Heat and sun are all about beach and water. Going to the beach and playing volleyball are without doubt beneficial but that is an activity that doesn’t happen on regular basis. In order for an exercise to be effective, it should be carried out on regular basis. Several recreation facilities exist that allow access to pools throughout the year.



If you are into swimming, now is your chance to get the maximum out of it. Start with a minimum of ten laps and then gradually increase the number and duration of the activity. Ideal rapid weight loss tips are those that work on every inch of your body; swimming is just that. It uses almost every single major muscle in your body and therefore shapes your figure tremendously. When done consistently, it helps shed an average of 800 calories every hour. Treat yourself by a luxury thirty minutes Jacuzzi time; this should keep you motivated.

5. Cardio is magic

Any exercise that increases the heart rate sufficiently is termed under cardio. This particular element makes the importance of cardio exercise two-fold; they cut down the folds of fat from the body while at the same time improving cardiac reserve. Heart becomes strong and is able to withstand hypoxic conditions in a much better way. In addition, it is able to pump blood more efficiently to all parts of the body.


If you are a tennis lover, you don’t need to look into rapid weight loss tips anymore. Tennis is an excellent cardio exercise example that helps to reduce weight quickly. It also tones the legs beautifully making thighs ideal for seductive short party dresses. Moreover, it is one of the few workouts that you don’t cut down your socializing time; it in fact increases your social interactions at the court or sports club. If done right, you should be losing at least eight hundred calories every hour.

Take due precautions; play it safe

Though exercise without doubt makes an integral component of all the rapid weight loss tips, it is important not to stretch the limits. Do not overdo anything otherwise it will end up doing more harm than good.
Before you get all excited and jump on an exercise machine, it is important to warm up the muscles. This is especially important for people whose muscles have not seen a real activity in a long time. Stretch a bit and jump at one spot lightly for around ten minutes, this will activate the muscle metabolism and prevent cramping from sudden vigorous physical activity. The second precaution to be kept in mind while adhering to these rapid weight loss tips is working optimally. Do not exercise too much, especially slow cardio exercises because they can leave your joints and muscles aching painfully for hours. In addition, too much workout can also cause permanent joint damage leading to hazardous conditions like osteoarthritis in old age.

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